Citizens Advice and Rights Fife

Partnered with CARF

Vital Social Partnerships

Fife Migrants Forum works closely in partnership with Citizens Advice & Rights Fife. The partnership is a vital one, with an average of 4 clients per session requiring language support. With FMF providing interpreters when required this provides valuable assistance for clients especially when clients require on-going assistance, which is the case in a large number of situations.

About CARF

Citizens Advice and Rights Fife (CARF) provides free information and advice on a wide range of subjects including welfare benefits, debt and money advice but also providing support to clients across a huge range of other topics that include work, consumer issues, relationship issues, housing, the law and your rights, discrimination, tax, healthcare and education.

For further information about CARF and the work they carry out, please visit their website:

Monthly Clinics

Fife Migrants Forum hold monthly clinics which are run with assistance from CARF. Our organisation provides language support which enables our clients to recieve important inforation and timely advice to help with complex issues. As part of the on-going partnership between Citizens Advice & Rights Fife with Fifer Migrants Forum we have worked with many clients, supporting them to deal with complex issues which include benefits and employment issues.

To keep up-to-date on all the latest clinics and locations available for our monthly drop-in sessions, please visit our Diary & Events page.