Advice Clinics & Job Clubs

Averting Crisis & Enhancing EMployability

The Fife Migrants Forum and Fife Council’s Client Action Team have worked, and continue to work, very closely in partnership delivering practical job search to the Forum’s clients who are actively seeking employment, and those who wish to improve their chances of finding a better job. The relationship between the staff of the Fife Migrants Forum and myself is very strong and we have worked together on various job search strategies as well as offering the one-to-one approach to clients. Ian Bowles of Fife Council’s Client Action Team

Daily Advice Clinics: Averting Crisis

Through providing timely help and intervention before issues escalate, our Advice Clinics have proved invaluable to many of our clients in difficult circumstances.

Between April 2014 to March 2015, our Advice Clinics dealt with 496 clients helping resolve 1320 different cases relating to mainly social welfare, financial hardships, housing, employment and education.

Weekly Job Clubs: Enhancing Employability

In partnership with Fife COuncil’s Employability Initiative, the 46 Weekly Job Clubs held have facilitated employment to a range of people, through practical help, advice and support offered.

The sessions are facilitated by Ian Bowles who is a member of Fife Council’s Client Action Team.