Our Vision: To ensure that Fife is a place where both migrants and local people can celebrate their diversity in a welcoming and safe environment.

In 2010, the Fife Migrants Forum (FMF) was founded by ethnic minority groups who recently arrived in Fife. FMF continues to take great pride in its effective ‘United Nations of Volunteers’ approach, which is a central tenet of FMF’s philosophy. Volunteers and workers at FMF come from various destinations such as  Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Romania, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, and Morocco. Upon their arrival in Fife, the various ethnic minorities recognised the benefits of co-operation and, therefore, worked together to respond to the needs of Fife’s various ethnic groups, like information, advice, and support services concerning language and culture.

Over the years, however, FMF’s multiple aim’s have evolved and expanded. Now, the organisation aims to promote good community relations, provide and develop mutual support, encourage social integration and increase participation in public, economic, social, and cultural events. 

Our Services

Daily Advice Clinic:
Open to everyone looking for advice, information, help, and support with issues such as employment, housing, welfare rights, debts, etc.

Monthly Citizens Advice and Rights Fife Clinics:
Help Clients with complex issues and to provide the appropriate language support where needed. 

Job Club:
To help clients towards employment with practical and emotional support, including assistance with C.V. preparation and applications, language, and cultural understanding.

Immigration Clinic (Monthly): 
Help for people, especially on low income, with immigration issues.

Fife Law Centre Clinic (Weekly): 
Offers a range of advice and representation on civil law issues for those who have difficulty accessing legal services or cannot afford legal representation.

Kingdom Credit Union:
Collection point to promote financial sustainability and low-cost loans.

Fit Mums:
As part of our community activities, ‘Fit Mums’ helps mums lose weight gained during pregnancy, enhance their figure and improve health and wellbeing and meet and chat with other parents. The class is free and consist of 45 minutes exercises designed especially for mums while children will be able to play together. 

Conversational Café:
Practice your English and make new friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Conversational cafés are free and open to the public in Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, and Glenrothes.

Our Staff

Fife Migrants Forum takes great pride in its ‘United Nations of Volunteers’ approach, which has been instrumental in unifying Fife’s various ethnic communities. This page will give you an insight into who would be the most suitable advisor to book an appointment with.


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Volunteering: Be Part of It!

We provide excellent opportunities for integration and employment through volunteering with people from all different ethnic minority backgrounds.

Volunteer with us to make a difference to your local community, meet fantastic people, learn new skills, be part of an initiative that is quickly becoming successful, and help others arriving into the area.

We offer volunteers the following opportunities:
Professional training
Experience of supporting clients who face barriers in accessing services
Experience of working in a multicultural team
To develop excellent communication skills in both languages (English and mother tongue)
Job reference for any future employment applications
Coaching and mentoring from more experienced colleagues and access to a network of different professionals
The chance to gain a proven track record of voluntary work
Recognition for being a member of an organisation that is recognised locally, nationally, and internationally
Opportunity for further personal development

For more information please see our contact details below.